The Pike Brothers – Handbook vol. 1


The Pike Brothers must be one of the most authentic brands around. Their heritage goes back to the 1930’s, and today they still use the vintage patterns and authentic denim fabrics. Their Handbook will be brought out this month. Make sure you get your hands on one of those.

The Pike Brothers was founded by George and Joseph Pike in 1930. Their small but exclusive tailoring shop was located in the Portobello Road, Notting Hill, in the heart of London. Their specialty was custom-made menswear. During the Second World War with a steadily growing number of American soldiers coming to Britain, the Pike Brothers also specialized in the production of uniforms for the U.S. Armed Forces.
They combined the finest fabrics with European craftsmanship and created an unmistakable profile of sturdy American menswear with European influence; a heritage to which they are still committed today.

The Pike Brothers dropped their first hand book vol. 1 to give a better overview of the different styles of their pants. This book contains all pant styles, their features and sizes, making choosing your perfect Pike Brothers Pants easy. These booklets are only available from selected retailers, make sure to get your hands on one of these, since the heritage of the brand and craftsmanship of the denim are portrayed beautifully in this handbook.

For more info on the Handbook, click here

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